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Wild River Restaurant Software

If you want to know how to price a menu or how to cost food click on the Training button and view some of our videos on this subject. menu planning is a critical part of the success for any restaurant. To be able to better answer the question of how to cost a menu or food cost you must first know what each menu item actually cost. To start off you need a good inventory system capable of inventory tracking and ease of updating inventory item cost for all items from all vendors. Restaurant management or catering cost control requires managing cost and expenses while increasing profits.  To manage food cost you must understand what food cost is and how to cost food properly. Restaurant food cost and restaurant inventory  are key components of the success of any restaurant. Another aspect is tracking sales. Knowing what you are selling and in what quantities requires a good point of sale system capable of detailed order taking and also ease of use. Most POS systems do a good job of ringing up sales but most don't do very well at tracking restaurant inventory movement. This is where Wild River comes in.