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Connect to your restaurant POS System to track product usage and inventory movement. See actual vs theoretical usage and cost based on sales.  Download invoices from your vendors and products are automatically added to your inventory keeping a perpetual inventory.   See every price change with each invoice received. The menu cost tool lets you set up your menu items, recipes and menu modifiers for tracking inventory using your point of sale systems daily sales mix report.

Tracking a restaurant inventory or bar inventory is easy with Windstar restaurant software. Windstar links to many POS systems to provide inventory control and report on anomalies in inventory amounts. These variances in inventory value can be from theft or lack of portion controls. The important part of the process is to identify which items have a significant variance and why. All items will have a slight variance due to the fact that you are depleting your restaurants inventory by portions sold and not in even units like boxes or cans.

How you set up your point of sale system has a lot to do with the accuracy of your inventory tracking. One area that is over looked is the menu modifiers. Menu modifiers are the choices we give customer to modify a menu item. Lets look at some simple restaurant menu modifiers and how they impact your inventory.

A simple modifier like "Add Cheese Slice" when rung up on your POS system tells the cook to add a slice of cheese to a menu item. This may be accomplished by setting up two different keys on our pos. One that add a charge and another that is NC or no charge. If we ring up either of these keys it will deplete our restaurant inventory by one slice each time. It will also add the charged to the patrons bill if it is a charge item.

How does this effect of menu cost?  The cheese modifier we did not charge for still had a food cost so our food cost on that item and that sell would go up. If we choose the key that charged for the slice of cheese the food cost on that item may increase or decrease of overall food cost for that item and sale.

 A restaurant point of sale system can only ring up and tally the number of items sold but you really need a solid restaurant inventory management system to control food cost and menu cost.

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