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 Windstar Restaurant Management Software

Windstar  Restaurant Management Software


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 Windstar restaurant management software is the perfect replacement for an inventory template or inventory spreadsheet to automate inventory tracking. The food cost calculator can accurately show accurate food cost percentage for each menu item or recipe. Wild River restaurant software helps you with this by being able to receive vendor invoices electronically from most vendors including Sysco, US Foods, Gordon's Food Service, PFG and many more. Food cost is updated each time you download or receive an invoice from your vendors. Each time your inventory is updated the menu cost of each item is also updated automatically. you can do a kitchen inventory or the entire restaurant. This is also a great bar software for bar inventory and inventory control with your bar pos system. The food cost for restaurants and bars changes every week and you need an inventory control software that helps you keep up with food and bar inventory as well as menu cost. Most software for restaurants is complicated and support is lacking. Windstar software has built in video training and live web training each week.

How to calculate food cost can be answered by use of the food cost formula that this restaurant software uses. We get ask this a lot. Food cost pricing changes each week on different items. Inventory tracking requires a good restaurant software program that will stay current with vendor food prices each week. Doing this automatically eliminates the constant need to manually update prices by hand, which never gets done. Food cost pricing depends on keeping all inventory items up to date with current cost.

This is a great back office inventory control software for your POS system. if you take a physical inventory you will love the speed and ease of use that the barcode scanner gives you. You can print count sheets or barcode scan Shelf Tags, UPC barcodes and tags to quickly take inventory.


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