Inventory management has never been easier or faster.


Barcode Scanner  - barcode scanning was once a limited tool for big box stores. Now barcode scanners are inexpensive. The Wild River Restaurant Software program has a built in barcode generator that creates a barcode label for each item in your inventory. Item can have multiple barcodes for each item. You can use the barcode scanner to scan and count the barcode shelf tags or you can simply scan the products UPC barcode. Using barcodes and a barcode scanner you can reduce the time it takes to count and enter your inventory by as much as 70%. This enables you to get a current inventory valuation every day for your restaurant or bar. Many liquor stores now use barcodes to both sell and count inventory.


You now have a choice of how you do inventory. You can run a perpetual inventory or periodic inventory. You can use the barcode scanner to do cycle counts or the complete inventory.




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