Watch Vendor Prices
Each time you receive an invoice from your vendors either by downloading or manual entry the products and purchase information are automatically stored in a purchase history file. This lets you see every item you purchased and a history of each purchase showing purchase price and any changes to the cost from the previous purchase of the item. If the price increased the amount of increase is registered and flagged in red and if the cost decreased the amount of decrease is shown in green. You can see the history of each item as far back as you have data. This is a great restaurant tool that allows you to track price trends by vendor.           Continued below......

By knowing the history of each item you can follow your purchases and see how often your vendor is changing prices. This is also a good tool to help you compare prices between vendors to make sure you are getting the best value. By watching your purchases you can control inventory cost and restaurant menu cost. As a restaurant management tool you can be alerted when cost are out of line with your goals.  Monitoring purchases can save you thousands of dollars each year.

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