Web Based Inventory Programs from Vendors

Using an inventory program that is web based can have several problems. First and foremost is who is really looking at your data?  Is the food vendor looking at your items and prices?  What happens to your data if you stop buying from this vendor?


First if the software for your restaurants inventory is provided by your food vendor can you upload invoices and prices from other food vendors? If you cant upload invoices from all of your vendors it doesn't really make it easy to use. Its OK if you only buy from the one vendor who is hosting your inventory but that is simply not the case most of the time.  If you have to log into the web application and hand key in the products you buy from other vendors its very time consuming.


I don't want any vendor looking at my prices I pay other vendors. If your inventory is on a server at the vendors website the vendor and anyone with access to your information can see what you are buying and from which vendor and what price you are paying.


The next problem is when you stop meeting the vendors requirements for using the inventory software. Say you start buying more from other vendors or you are late paying an invoice. The vendor hosting your data could temporarily stop you from using the program. If you change vendors all the work you have done can be taken away, deleted. All you hard work is just gone.

The Wild River Restaurant Inventory Software program is yours and is loaded on your own computer where only you have access to it. No one can look at what you are buying or what you are paying. Your vendor can't take it away from you or stop you from using it.




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