Tracking Restaurant Expenses
The Wild River restaurant management software and restaurant accounting system lets you track expenses just like Quickbooks and other accounting programs. You can enter invoices from any vendor or supplier for any category of purchases and print reports on the restaurants expenses and payments. Set up your accounting codes and categories and the Wild River program will do the rest. Print detailed or summary reports of your restaurant expenses.

There is no limit to the number of items or vendors you can have. You can have separate restaurant inventory and bar inventory. Of all the software for restaurants on the market Wild River is heads above the rest. This is not just an inventory template of inventory spreadsheet but a full database program that runs on your own computer. Its not a web based limited inventory program that does not allow you to easily view price changes which are usually price increases. This program tracks not only inventory but purchase history from all suppliers. You can have a kitchen inventory or a complete restaurant inventory including bar, paper goods, supplies and equipment and more. This inventory program supports barcode scanning and prints barcode shelf tags for you to scan your inventory and upload it to your computer. The bar

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