Barcode Scanner and printing shelf tags for a restaurant inventory control

Using a barcode scanner to scan shelf tags to place on shelves and racks to count your restaurant inventory is a huge time saver. By using a barcode scanner to scan the shelf tags and enter you eliminate the need to print inventory count sheets. An added benefit to printing shelf labels for inventory is that you have a placeholder for each item in your restaurant inventory. This help keep your inventory organized and also reminds you if a product is missing or out of place.                                                                                  Continued below.....                                                             

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Barcode scanning inventory is by far the fastest and in many cases more accurate. You can count inventory by scanning the UPC bar code on product or you can scan the shelf tag that can be printed by the program.  You can also scan the vendors label as long as it has the vendors item number.

The Wild River restaurant management software program creates the shelf tags by using standard labels like Avery or a comparable brand available everywhere. This inventory shelf tag prints 30 labels per page of the industry standard Avery 5160 for just pennies per label.

POS System for inventory control and restaurant menu templates.  


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