Point Of Sale System with Inventory Tracking

Tracking your inventory movement with your point of sale system allows  you watch your restaurant inventory movement for variations or variances. As your sales deplete your

inventory each night  you can see what you should have for each item. When you take a physical inventory and input it into the system you can see the differences

between actual (Counted) vs Theoretical (Computer). Restaurant POS systems should be able to track inventory each night so that you can see not only what you have

sold but how much of each inventory item you still have. POS systems that do not have a good reliable restaurant inventory system are just cash registers. Ringing up

sales is only part of the equation. Restaurant POS systems must have an automated restaurant inventory tracking ability for you to watch food cost and menu cost to control

profitability. These variances give you insight into problems such as over portioning or theft. TrackingPOS Systems Inventory Software for Aloha POS, Future POS and MICROS POS these variances  tell you of over portioning and theft.   Our restaurant pos software works with many pos systems such as MICROS POS,  Aloha POS, Future POS and Focus POS to provide support for your restaurants food and beverage control. As an addition to your pos system this restaurant pos software can track your inventory and give you complete control over food and beverage.  All restaurant pos systems track sales  but can your restaurant pos track inventory usage and movement? The Aloha POS system can easily send sales data over to Windstar each night to  track how ,much of each item was depleted from inventory.  As an addition to MICROS POS this adds value to your restaurant operations by providing an easy to use pos inventory software.                  
















































In watching your restaurant inventory by tracking inventory with your POS System you can select or focus in on high food cost items or you can see every item in your

food inventory. Each item has a selection switch which turns tracking on or off at the item level. What is food cost in comparison to menu cost?  Its often the difference

between having good solid restaurant management and strong quality controls in place.  It is next to impossible to track inventory movement without a quality POS system

Windstar connects with many popular POS systems as well as many food vendors to automate both point of sale inventory control and sales tracking for food cost.


Food cost of each menu item is a theoretical food cost which means that in a perfect world and each menu items was prepared exactly like the menu card shows with every portion correct.

In the real world of restaurant operations everything is not exact and we have to do what we can to correct

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