Restaurant Inventory
The Product Information screen is where you can manage each restaurant inventory item. Your food inventory can have products from many vendors and can be updated with current prices in seconds. Inventory tracking is easy when tied to your point of sale system. Food cost pricing is automatically updated when you download invoices. menu cost is updated at the same time directly from your inventory.                                                                                                                                                Continued below.....
Restaurant Inventory Counting Software

There is no limit to the number of items or vendors you can have for a restaurant or bar inventory. You can have separate restaurant inventory and bar inventory. Of all the software for restaurants on the market Windstar is heads above the rest. This is not just an inventory template of inventory spreadsheet but a full database program that runs on your own computer. Its not a web based limited inventory program that does not allow you to easily view price changes which are usually price increases. This program tracks not only inventory but purchase history from all suppliers. You can have a kitchen inventory or a complete restaurant inventory including bar, paper goods, supplies and equipment and more. This inventory program supports barcode scanning and prints barcode shelf tags for you to scan your inventory and upload it to your computer. The bar and its liquor inventory represent a significant investment each month. Restaurant food cost as well as bar inventory cost have to be controlled in order to protect profits. See our section on what is food cost to learn more about

Tracking a bar inventory requires a good Bar pos and a bar inventory software program. The bar pos must be capable of separate sales tracking for liquor that is an up charge as well as liquor that is included in the drink at no extra charge. this way you can accurately track sales of each liquor item based on when it is used in each drink.

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