Inventory software for free

Free restaurant inventory software, you get what you pay for.  Many suppliers off a free inventory software to restaurants, hospitals, country clubs and caterers. Usually it a web based system and the products from the vendor who is providing the software are updated automatically but not products from their competitors.

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There are several key questions you need to ask before you commit to using a free web based inventory program from anyone. 

First, where is my data stored and who has access to it? When you have an inventory system that is PC based (installed on your computer) you control who has access to your information such as a restaurants inventory. When you use a web based system you don't have complete control over your data. Who is able to look at your information?

How do I inventory products or items purchased from another vendor?  Can I upload the other suppliers invoices to keep my inventory updated? If Vendor A is providing the program to me on the web can that vendor see what I'm purchasing from the competition?

Will I be able to see a history of each price change or will it just update to the new price. Is there a warning that the price changed?

Lets say you have been using the free web based inventory or a year and now you switch to Vendor B. What happens to all your work?  Do you have to start all over again with another vendor?

Its Friday night and your going to do your on line inventory but you can log in. How do you do your inventory?

Can I compare prices between different vendors using the free web based inventory? 

When you purchase your own inventory system and install it on your own computer system that you control you control not only your information but you also protect competition between suppliers for yourself.

Free Restaurant Inventory Software