Restaurant  Inventory  Counting
Counting a restaurant inventory can be challenging and problematic at times. One of the hardest parts of counting inventory is the counting unites themselves. We all know that to do an accurate job of counting we need to break down cases of products into smaller units for both counting and everyday use.  Another part of this puzzle is combining all the count units and cases into one usable number of count units. With Windstar software there are two basic methods of counting your restaurant inventory. One method is to print inventory count sheets to take the physical inventory by restaurant areas.                Continued below.....                                                             
Inventory Spreadsheet and Inventory Management System

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The print method of counting a restaurant inventory is the most commonly used where you assign products to areas of the restaurant such as kitchen, cooler or freezer and print count sheets for each area. Windstar software allows you to have the same item in multiple locations so the item will appears on each areas count sheet that it was assigned to. With the perpetual inventory method. You will automatically know the exact cost of your physical inventory and downloading vendor invoices keeps the value of your inventory up to date every day. If you use the barcode scanner to count your inventory you can upload your inventory counts you can get real sales information from your pos system to view any variance in counted inventory and pos systems inventory. You can track down discrepancies between the two systems and spot