Food Cost Calculator

Want to know how to calculate food cost?  Calculating food cost is easy as long as you have accurate cost information on the ingredients for each restaurant menu item.


First you need to create a menu card for each menu item and recipe listing the restaurant menu items by menu name and the ingredients that go into each menu item. By doing this you can set up each menu item to know the ingredient cost and the total cost. When you have established the actual menu cost of each men item you then have a basis to answer how to price a restaurant menu. Windstar restaurant menu cost software lets you create and build each menu item with menu cost and selling price but it keeps every menu item updated with current cost. This includes not only the ingredient cost but labor and paper products as well.   Continued below.....

Food Cost Calculator for food cost percentage

Windstar restaurant menu cost software can download vendor invoices electronically to updated the items in your restaurant inventory which will automatically calculate food cost and then calculate menu cost, You will always have accurate food cost for each recipe and menu item every day.


Another thing to understand about how to calculate food cost is how much profit you have on each menu item. Based on the sell price of each menu item and the current menu food cost you will see if your restaurant menu cost and price will generate enough profit.


The next component in how to cost a menu is your restaurant sales mix. Each menu item usually has a different level of profit and the total number of each menu item sold gives you a total cost and profit for your menu. The Windstar restaurant inventory software will calculate  food cost every day and each time you receive a vendors invoice.


Another feature of this restaurant inventory and menu cost program is the ability to display and print photos of each menu item on the menu cards. The photo of the menu item should show the plate presentation should look like.


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