Food Cost Calculator
What is a recipe cost calculator and how does it impact my food and beverage cost control and food cost?  How to calculate restaurant food cost!  How to cost food! These are questions we get every day. The answer depends on several factors.  Food cost restaurant is a general question we get most often. A restaurants or hotels food cost has many factors. First what is your restaurant menu like. Does it have a lot of expensive items that have a high food cost?  What is your sales mix of menu items? Lets look at some factors that the restaurant menu cost. Many restaurants simply take their last inventory value plus the total purchases and then subtract the current restaurant inventory value. This does give you a basic food cost but in really does not show you what you actual food cost is.

Accurate ingredient cost
What is the actual cost of each menu item?  In order to calculate food cost you must have an accurate cost of ingredients for each menu item and recipe. This mean not just costing out each ingredient for each item but after you have the cost of ingredients and the cost of each menu item you must keep every menu item updated with current cost. Wild River does this by linking each menu items ingredients to the inventory so that as the inventory is updated by receiving vendor invoices the food cost value of each item is recalculated to show current cost. Then this information is transferred to the ingredients of each menu item and recipe in the menu cost tool. This process keeps your food cost of each menu item current day so you know exactly what your food cost is on every item.

Know the sales mix for your restaurant
Each menu item you sell has a different food cost based on the ingredients used and the quantity of each ingredient. Then the total number of menu items sold for  each item tells you the true food cost based on total sales by item and it also shows the mount of profit each menu item generates. Usually the sale mix percentage changes form week to week and month to month.

Using the recipe cost calculator in Wild River restaurant software can quickly and accurately show you true restaurant food cost. this is not a simple food cost spreadsheet or a paper food costing form. This recipe costing software can accurately calculate your restaurant food cost each day automatically and quickly. Knowing what your restaurant food cost percentage should be will help you understand if and where problems are and where to look for them.

This restaurant food cost calculator can save you thousands each year by giving accurate recipe cost on each menu item.