Extended Inventory
After counting your restaurant inventory and entering your counts you can print an extended inventory detail report that shows your extended inventory for each item in your restaurant. Items are grouped together by categories and can also be displayed under your accounting codes. Each item can be broken down into several units of measure for both restaurant inventory counting and for food cost calculations.
Extended inventory counts for restaurant POS systems

The organization of your inventory products helps both with making your restaurant inventory or bar inventory more accurate but also helps with restaurant menu cost. Restaurant and hotel management requires that you have an accurate inventory count including the correct count for each inventory item but that each inventory item be up to date with current cost. Barcode scanning inventory makes counting inventory much faster and more accurate. The Windstar software makes keeping your food inventory more accurate by downloading invoices from vendors.

Accuracy of your counts helps give you a more accurate overview of whats impacting your restaurants cost of good sold.

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