Catering ideas for a catering menus, corporate catering and event planning.
Catering menus for a catering menus for wedding catering can be done with the catering software to calculate cost for food catering. Event planning for caterers can be a very profitable part of any restaurant or caterers business. Event and wedding planners use this catering menu tool every day to create catering menu ideas. Making sure that your catering prices are in line with your catering cost is a must. Developing a catering menu requires a lot of thought and planning and it also requires that you know the ingredient cost of each item that goes into your menu items. This catering software updated with the most current cost of ingredients so that you don/t have to calculate food cost over and over again. Each time you receive a vendor invoice your inventory is automatically updated with the latest cost and the ingredient cost is recalculated. Creating catering ideas quickly requires that you be able to calculate catering menu item cost and keep that cost updated daily. Wedding catering, corporate catering and even lunch catering requires your full attentionall teh time. This catering software will keep your catering menu current for cost and profits.
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Catering and event planning software

The catering menu software lets your build you catering menu ideas and see the correct cost and profit every day. There is no limit to the number or complexity of each item in your catering menu. Set a target cost percentage for each item and as each items cost changes and the cost goes higher than your target cost the program will alert you and show you how much the profit and cost have changed.                       Catering Cost Sheet                      Catering Invoice

You can build catering quotes for clients in just minutes using live cost data for food, labor, rental equipment and more. Then print or email your catering invoice or quote to your client. Keep track of catering events both current and past for each client. If you are a done an event or catering function for a client and they call and want to do the same food and other items you can click the recalculate catering cost button after making any changes to quantities and the Windstar program will recalculate all cost using current cost data and show you not only the current cost of each item but the actual profit for the event based on the new cost information.

This restaurant management software program can manage your catering information with ease while giving you up to date cost and profit information at your fingertips.

Catering menus can vary over time and keeping track of catering events can be overwhelming at times. The hardest part of costing out any catering event or function for catering companies or restaurants is the time it takes to calculate each ingredients cost over and over again. Windstar software keeps all of your menus and recipes costed automatically so that you can focus on creating exciting new dishes for your clientele. Keep catering customers coming back time and time again by being able to quickly quote and invoice functions quickly.

The food catering part of this catering software allows you to keep separate inventories as restaurant inventory and catering inventory or you can merge inventory information into one inventory. If you are running both inventories together you can assign ownership to each items in each location in the restaurant inventory so that they show up as two different cost centers.

The same principals apply to both event planning, wedding event planning, catering menus. For corporate event planning or corporate catering this catering software can save you time and money. If you do wedding catering or catering for weddings this is the right tool for you. For more information on how to price a menu see the section on menu cost.

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