Restaurant Inventory Shelf Tags
One of the best ways to keep your restaurant inventory organized and make counting inventory more efficient is to print inventory shelf tags for your restaurant and bar. Shelf tags identify where each product is located in your restaurant inventory. This allows for the people receiving the inventory to put the products in the right place each time. After pulling items out of your restaurants inventory for production shelf tags provide a way for your staff to put products back into their proper place. Another benefit to having shelf tags is identifying items that are missing if the product is no longer in its slot. The Wild River software restaurant management program prints shelf tags for every product in your inventory with barcodes.

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Barcode scanning inventory is by far the fastest and in many cases more accurate. You can count inventory by scanning the UPC bar code on product or you can scan the shelf tag that can be printed by the program.  You can also scan the vendors label as long as it has the vendors item number.

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