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Barcode Scanner
If you want to dramatically reduce the time it takes to count your restaurant inventory and increase the accuracy of your counts you need to do barcode inventory scanning. The Wild River restaurant software can use any barcode scanner capable of exporting a simple text file. This barcode inventory system can scan barcode labels printed right from the program or scan the products UPC Barcode. Built into the Wild River software is the ability to print shelf tags or shelf labels to place on your shelving. This gives you an identification for each slot or place for each inventory item. This aids in keeping your inventory organized by identifying where each product goes in the inventory. When receiving inventory you have  dedicated place for each item and it keeps each item in the same place. You can also have the same inventory item in multiple locations and the software will print a separate shelf tag for each item at each location. An added benefit to printing shelf tags is that when you are looking at your storage areas and an item is missing leaving an empty slot you know which product is missing. Wild River has the best features for restaurant inventory control software. You can generate barcode labels on your regular printer. This program has its own barcode generator software. The bar code scanner is programmed to work directly with Wild River restaurant software. The software will create a barcode for every item you have in inventory. You can print barcode labels for five cents each and place them on your shelves.

Wild River is a must have for inventory control in any restaurant.

  • Print Shelf Tags with Barcode
  • Capable of scanning the UPC Barcode on items
  • Upload your inventory counts in just seconds
  • to extend you inventory
  • Reduces counting time by as much as 70%
  • Worth Data scanner is shock proof
  • Can be used in any temperature environment
  • Reduces error of hand entering inventory counts
  • Barcode Label Printer
  • Inventory Scanner
  • Barcode Inventory System
  • Inventory tracking software

Unlike an inventory spreadsheet Wild River is a true database inventory management program.  

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