Bar  Inventory Software

Taking a bar inventory can be simple. Tracking the accurate usage of your bar inventory can be quite tricky. To accurately track liquor usage requires a unique set up in your POS System or bar inventory software. Bar inventory software treats inventory and usage differently than a restaurant inventory software in that bars inventory at least each week and most do a liquor inventory daily.


First you have to look at how each drink is made and what liquors and other ingredients go into it. The next step is to have your bar POS system set up to accurately ring up the sale and at the same time accurately deplete your inventory for each drink. Lets look at a couple of things about the bars POS system set up.                                                                                  Continued below.....

An example of the complexity of setting up your pos system for a bar when  mixed drink can be the same except for the brand or type of liquor used. Take a simple Bourbon and Coke. You may use a house brand or call brand of Bourbon to make the normal drink and charge one base price. But you also have to be able to up charge the drink if you use a premium Bourbon. How do you ring up the drink and deplete the correct Bourbon for this mixed drink. Most bar pos systems have different screens where you can select the mixed drink by type or name and another screen where you choose which Bourbon is used. This way the food portion of the drink which would be the coke is charged at the regular price for that mixed drink and the screen where you choose the liquor depletes the correct Bourbon. At the end of the night or shift your bar inventory matches the amounts sold of each liquor used. If the call brand or house brand is selected the correct liquor is rung up at no charge because it is included in the price of the drink. If a premium liquor is selected the proper charge is added to the price of the drink. The main thing is that the correct liquor is selected each time and the correct amount of each liquor inventory is depleted.


The same applies to beer sales. You should make sure that your bars point of sale system is set up to where your staff can select not only the correct beer but also if the is a charge for that drink order for that customer. Take for instance a happy hour period where for  every two beers of a certain brand or type the customer gets the third beer free. You would need a key to ring up the two regular prices beers and another to ring up the free beer to keep your bar inventory correct. Your bar point of sale set up is critical to having a correct bar inventory count.


What about bar food?  Most restaurants and bars offer both alcohol and food together. Your bar liquor beer and wine inventory may also include food items. Some bars sell meals or sandwiches but almost all bars have some food items in their inventory. How about cream for White Russians or cherries and lime slices or mixed drinks. Those items are food items  and most bars have a food cost component or food inventory in addition to the beer, liquor and wine inventories.


The Wild River bar software uses an extensive menu cost tool where you can set up all of your drinks and food items so that your bar pos system can link sales of each item to your bar inventory and deplete each inventory item correctly.


The bar inventory should be counted more often than a restaurants inventory because it has a much higher impact on profitability in a restaurant and bar combination verses a restaurant serving food only. A liquor inventory can also be a source of lost profits if not tracking it using a good POS software. Like food, a bar inventory control system must be able to track both charged and non charged liquor sales to be effective in accurately tracking inventory.









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