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 Many vendors are now offering Web based inventory program to restaurants to use for taking inventory. So what is the real difference between inventory software that you own and have on your computer or a web based inventory software program hosted on the web?  Click here for more information…. 

Don’t get held Hostage by your vendor or web based inventory systems.             Click here......

Restaurant Inventory Software is a true restaurant  POS system software program for managing restaurant food cost percentage, Menu and Food Cost, Catering and Tracking Sales. Restaurant management, hospitality management or hotel management everyone in the restaurant business can benefit from this inventory and food cost control software. You can easily download prices from your vendors and automatically update your inventory, menu cost and catering cost in just seconds. Windstar Restaurant Software is not an inventory template or inventory spreadsheet but a full database program that can connect to your POS system and adjust inventory from your point of sale software. With automated invoice processing from vendors you can see what your food cost percentage on every menu item is every day with the automatic food cost calculator. You can track inventory using your point of sale system to get the food cost percentage each day based on product usage and the food cost formula.

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Are you really watching your vendors prices?  In order to price a menu you must have accurate prices on each item in inventory and a menu and recipe cost calculator with the correct food cost formula. This will give you your correct food cost percentage on each item daily. Failure to monitor vendor prices as you receive your invoices can prove to be a costly mistake. If the price of a product that you use goes up just a little every other week think about how much your food cost and menu cost increases over time. One of the big aspects of food service management is food cost control and profitability.  Windstar restaurant software alerts you to every change in cost of every item. You can view any trends in food prices and follow the  changes of each product. Accurate food inventory can be enhanced even more by linking with your point of sale system. Will your current inventory template or inventory spreadsheet let you easily compare prices between multiple vendors?

One of the two most ask questions in restaurants, caterers and hospitality management is how to calculate food cost or how to use a recipe cost calculator. These questions all relate to managing your restaurant food cost percentage. The first part of this answer is do you have an accurate restaurant inventory system that keeps prices and cost updated each day. After all how to cost a menu depends on having accurate cost for all of your food and supplies and that need to be easy or your cost simply won't get updated. Windstar can download and update inventory and menu cost from most vendors.  This eliminates the need to hand key each invoice. You can download and process most vendors invoices in just seconds.  This makes sure your inventory cost are always correct and updated.  The next step in answering how to cost a menu is to set up each menu item and recipe in a tool like a recipe card that breaks down each menu item into ingredients. This should be tied directly to your inventory so that each time a product in inventory changes price the ingredient cost is updated in the food cost calculator to show current cost and profit for each item.

When you have established the current food cost of each menu item you need to know when the cost changes and by how much. This change in menu cost needs to be tracked so again we are back at what is food cost or what is menu cost. We need to track menu cost changes so that we can answer the continuing question how to price a menu.  How to price a restaurant menu is an on going task as menu cost and food cost are always changing. If we fail to react to changes or increases in food cost we can have loss of profits.

Restaurant point of sale systems all do a good job of tracking how many of each menu items sold. However most do not have a good easy to use inventory system. Some have an inventory template or inventory spreadsheet that can be manually adjusted. Quality restaurant software should be automated where you can easily download purchases from suppliers on just a few seconds and update your inventory prices and quantities. And they should do this for free with no hidden charges.

Windstar restaurant software downloads invoices from vendors like Gordon Food Service, Sysco, US Food and automatically updates menu item cost with each received invoice. If you want to know how to price a menu this hospitality management restaurant software keeps menu cost updated automatically showing you true cost and profits every day. Link this software with your point of sale system and have automatic inventory tracking giving you the best food cost pricing and food inventory. Restaurant food cost has the one of the biggest impact on restaurant profits and is the hardest to keep track of. In today's market menu cost needs to be monitored each week at minimum to control food cost for restaurants. Any culinary chef will love this menu costing tool and menu design software.

Menu design is a critical part of marketing your restaurant. Our menu planning tool lets you create and cost thousands of menu items and automatically keeps ingredient cost current with your food vendors prices. Knowing menu food cost means knowing your profit potential on each menu item. As menu cost is updated each week from your inventory and vendor invoices you are alerted to any changes in each items menu cost factor and are able to adjust the selling price and or change ingredients and portions to react to market conditions.

Pos or Point of sale inventory tracking gives you the sales mix of all your products and having current cost will show you the profit matrix of your menu. Placement of items in your menu design will effect your sales mix. How to cost food on your menu is tied directly to your knowing what the true cost is. In finding the true cost of a menu item you should include not only food cost but other cost that directly impact profits such as any paper goods or even labor. This will show you a better look at true profit and cost.

Catering is another area where Windstar restaurant is ahead of other restaurant inventory programs. caterers need up to the minute cost and profits from their catering menu. Catering cost change almost every day. Knowing what your catering cost is on your catering menu allows you to quote catering events in just minutes. You need to manage your food inventory so that you have all the products needed for the event according to your catering menu and after the event is done you should have very little of the inventory left over.

Downloading vendor invoices to update your restaurant inventory is the biggest time saver ever. When you download an invoice from a big food vendor like Sysco, US Foods or Gordon food service you can instantly update the restaurant food cost and restaurant menu cost of every item on that invoice. This not only updates each item in inventory but recalculates the ingredient cost of those items and then recalculates the restaurant menu cost for every menu item. Keeping menu cost updated is essential to knowing the profitability of each restaurants menu cost per item.

Compare prices between vendors to see who has the best cost for each item. There is more to comparing products than just price. You must take into consideration the products yield and weight to get the accurate cost per like item.

There are many restaurant menu templates available but this restaurant software keeps your cost for each menu item updated automatically. As a recipe cost calculator with the ability  of a complete restaurant food cost tool you can utilize it for food and beverage cost control. Not just a recipe costing software but a complete food and beverage inventory control system you can download invoices from vendors and update your recipe cost of each item every day.

We work with MICROS POS, Future POS, FOCUS POS and Aloha POS  and many other POS System companies. Many restaurant POS System do not have an easy to use and accurate POS system that can also use invoices from vendors to automatically update both the inventory with purchase price and cost while at the same time the food cost calculator calculates food cost for each menu item each day.


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Windstar Restaurant Software is a restaurant software program that tracks inventory based on sales from your restaurant POS software system.








Download invoices from Sysco, US Foods, Shamrock Foods, Gordons Food Service and many more food distributors.  Windstar Restaurant Inventory Software is one of the most often used restaurant software and inventory programs in the food service in